Witnesses Sought

www.ear-ons.com is seeking witnesses with ANY information about the murders of
Brian and Katie Maggiore. If Joseph DeAngelo did not murder the Maggiores, then they
were most likely murdered by members of the 320th SPS and the 323rd SPS.
These are the suspect composite sketches from 1978.


If you have any potential suspects or information on the Maggiore murders or if you were
involved in these murders, please clear your conscience and contact at witness@ear-ons.com.


We are also looking for any photographs of Joseph James DeAngelo around mid-1977 or early 1978.
All indications are that he grew a mustache around that time, most likely after his attack on
Victim #15 on March 18, 1977. This is a photo of Joseph DeAngelo from around 1979.
If DeAngelo had a mustache in 1978, then he could not have been Suspect 3 from the Maggiore case.
If you have any photos of Joseph DeAngelo from mid-1977 or early 1978 or know when he started
wearing a mustache, please contact at witness@ear-ons.com.

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