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Joseph DeAngelo Plea Deal 6/29/20

"I'll Be Gone In The Night" HBO Docuseries 6/28/20

East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalk/Golden State Killer
April 24, 2018

Joseph James DeAngelo


Hunting A Psychopath by Richard Shelby

Janelle Lisa Cruz
Tribute 5/5/12

Enhanced Composite Sketches

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Tip Line

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has added a tip line for any information on the EAR/ONS case. All tips sent through this link

will go directly to the EAR Homicide Detective Team of Clark, Belli, and Turnbull. Please understand that not every communication can be answered, but the team will make every effort to triage and investigate those tips that merit it. You may or may not be contacted by the team, as necessary. All tips will be kept confidential. The team prefers to receive tips by e-mail. For those who are unable to e-mail you may contact the team at (916) 874-5057. The team will accept collect calls.

Suspicious Oldsmobile Coupe CA License # TOR 505

Unidentified Base Decal seen on suspicious vehicle in 1977

Goleta Case connected by DNA to the EAR/ONS

Sudden Terror by Larry Crompton NOW AVAILABLE!!!

"Excitement's Crave" Poem purportedly written by the EAR

E! THS Investigates the Original Night Stalker on Youtube (6/14/10)

Adidas Running Shoes

Yellow Step-Side Pick Up

VW Bug

Navigator's Flashlight

EAR Belt Buckle Sketch

Composite Sketch of the EAR (5/1/10)

E! THS Investigates Press Release (5/4/09)

E! THS Investigates the Original Night Stalker

Visalia Ransacker Timeline Added (4/24/09)

The Visalia Question

New Flash Animated EAR Map