EAR/ONS Case Overview

The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker crimes spanned from 1976 to 1986 and affected communities in both Northern and Southern California. There were three phases of this perpetrator's transformation from serial rapist to serial killer:



The offender committed 31 rapes in (1) Sacramento County, at least 2 murders and 2 rapes in (2) Stockton, CA. between June 1976 and April 1978.

Contra Costa County:

The offender moved to (4) Contra Costa County after striking in (3) Davis and (5) Modesto to commit at least 13 rapes between 1978 and 1979. Two additional rapes were committed in San Jose in late 1978.


Southern California:

The offender moved to Southern California to commit 6 to 10 murders in (1) Goleta, (2) Ventura, (3) Laguna Niguel and (4) Irvine.