Contra Costa County

On June 5, 1978, the East Area Rapist inexplicably turns up in Stanislaus County, attacking a couple in Northeast Modesto, CA. There were no EAR attacks reported there before. This was the beginning a new, erratic chapter in the EAR saga. The EAR switched between Modesto and Davis, CA in Yolo County, committing at least five attacks between 6/5/78 and 7/7/78.

October 7, 1978 marked another abrupt change in the EAR's criminal behavior. EAR now moved into Contra Costa County to attack a couple in Concord, CA. He continued a series of attacks in Contra Costa, claiming 7 more victims in Concord, Danville, San Ramon and Walnut Creek. He also committed at least two attacks in San Jose in Santa Clara County and one attack in Fremont, CA in Alameda County.

The EAR attacks came to an abrupt end in Northern California with the last reported attack occurring on July 5th, 1979 with an aborted attack on a couple in Danville. In this attack, a husband, who was a light sleeper, surprised and confronted the EAR as he was putting on his ski mask. The EAR fled the scene in terror never to offend again in Northern California.

The next time that the East Area Rapist would surface, he would be in Southern California. Some detectives suspected it early on but no one really knew for certain at the time. He would no longer be only a serial rapist. He would prove to be something far more terrifying and far more deadly. Something that law enforcement officials familiar with the EAR knew was there all along.