This is the bogus sketch of the East Area Rapist released by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department on 5/17/77. Even as this "artist's conception" was being published, Sacramento Sheriff's Department spokesman reported that no one has ever seen the suspect's face. In an article in New West Magazine, dated 5/22/78, the Sheriff's Department spokesman admitted that the "artist's conception loosely referred to as a composite" was "worthless". The release of this bogus sketch had everyone in Sacramento County looking for this man who in reality did not and does not exist. Most likely, the East Area Rapist looked nothing like this "artist's concpetion." It was 95% fabrication.

Notice the disclaimer printed underneath the bogus sketch. It reads: "An artist's conception of the east area rapist, based on numerous bits of information from persons who caught glimpses of him, was released today by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. No one has gotten a full face view of the rapist, officers cautioned, noting that the shape of the jaw is tentative and the face may be leaner looking. Hair style and length also are tentative."

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