The Maggiore Question Pt. II

There were indications that Brian Maggiore might have been working undercover and was involved with airmen being arrested at Travis AFB who were involved with drug trafficking. If that is true, then that is a possible motive for the murders.

On February 3, 1978, the day after the murder of Brian and Katie Maggiore, there were, in fact, several arrests of airmen at Travis AFB. It almost does not matter if Brian Maggiore was working undercover. If there was the perception or belief that he was working undercover, that, alone, could have resulted in his murder. With a $300,000,000 drug trafficking operation, there was a lot at stake.

There were even more arrests made 5 days later. And even though there were these arrests made, there is no mention of any arrests for heroin trafficking. Just marijauna, hasish and cocaine. Which is very strange. The arrests were for drug sales that went back as far as August of 1978.
More arrests were made in 1979, this time of airmen at Mather AFB and it would involved members of the 320th SPS. These airmen were arrested for marijuana, cocaine and LSD. No menion of the $300,000,000 heroin operation. Note that an airman "believed to have been working as an undercover agent was quickly transferred from the security police unit shortly before the first suspect was relieved of duty". Was this because of what happened the Brian Maggiore?