The Maggiore Question Pt. I

On June 29, 2020, Joseph James DeAngelo pleaded guilty to the murders of Brian and Katie Maggiore. But did he, in fact, kill them? There is no physical evidence connecting him to the crime. Does evidence exist pointing to someone other than DeAngelo as the killer(s) of the Maggiores?

In March of 1976, a $300,000,000 heroin smuggling operation was uncovered involving airmen from SAC bases including Mather AFB and Travis AFB. $300,000,000 is a lot of money by today's standards. In 1976, it was an obscene amount of money. Only a handful of airmen were actually charged and convicted of any crimes associated with the case.

Prosecutors said that the arrests only "scraped the surface". The drugs were coming from Thailand through Mather AFB and Travis AFB. And even though 332 pounds of heroin were confiscated, the US Attorney said that it "was only the tip of the iceberg".

According to witnesses questioned during the Maggiore homicide investigation, the drug trafficking continued in 1978 at the time that Brian and Katie were murdered. A witness stated that he did know that there "was quite a lot of drug traffic at Mather".